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rebekah mullen girls who code women who code women in stem women in tech career consultant


you were born with wings, why prefer to crawl?  - rumi

2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Champion

ACE Personal Trainer, Specialty in Functional Fitness

elevatED Flexibility Instructor

Jikiden Reiki - Okuden

rebekah mullen girls who code women who code women in stem women in tech career consultant

She's got skillz

2016 - 1st Place CPFA Nationals Pro Champion

2016 - CPFA Nationals Overall Best Entertainer

2016 - 1st Place CPFA BC Pro Champion 

2016 - 1st Place PSO Nationals Level 4 Entertainment

2016 - 2nd Place PSO Nationals Level 4 Championship

2016 - 4th Place PSO Championship Professional

2015 - 1st Place PSO NorthWest Pole Art Level 4 Entertainment 

2015 - 2nd Place PSO NorthWest Pole Art Level 4 Drama 

2015 - 2nd Place PSO NorthWest Pole Art Level 4 Freedance 

2015 - 2nd Place CPFA BC Provincial Semi-Pro 

2014 - CPFA Nationals Overall Best Entertainer

2014 - CPFA BC Provincial Best Overall Entertainer 

2014 - 3rd Place CPFA Nationals Semi-Pro 

2014 - 2nd Place CPFA BC Provincial Semi-Pro 

2014 - 2nd Place PSO Central Level 3 Championship 

2014 - 2nd Place Ms Pole Dance Taboo 

2013 - 5th Place CPFA BC Provincial AmateurDivision

Enjoy some of the select performances along my journey to winning the 2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Champion.


Canadian Pole Fitness Championships

This routine earned 5 international awards in the 2016 competition season, including the 2016 Canadian Professional Champion & Best Entertainer. Music and makeup by me :) 

This performance is dedicated to the men and women who live with mental illness. We avoid these people as we walk in the streets. They are different, talk to themselves, and usually smell a bit funny. Not only is their visible life a nightmare, but also the world they enter when they drift to sleep. One of the unspoken side effects of mental illness is the curse of nightmares. Those terrifying dreams that usually plague children, leave adults lying in a lucid state in bed. I decided to perform this year to tell the story for those who don't get a chance to talk to other people. Those who long for empathy for their sleepless nights, and get none. 

What Child is This


"Dreaming?" - PSO Professional Championships

My hardest, most aggressive routine built with inspiration from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This describes how the events in our life shape the beings that we are today. Everything is interconnected. Music and makeup from me.

"Do I Make You Horny" - PSO Championships


Ever try wearing a wig and fake teeth on stage? Recommended only for the heartiest of folks. A routine that iterated over 24 months, but such a liberating role to play as a man :) Costume, music, makeup, choreo by me.


My last major performance was done in a private showcase. It was a fantastic break being back on Canadian soil after having spent a cold winter in NYC training full time at some of NYC's most elite dance schools. This was my graduation "of sorts" to performance art.


I got tired playing "safe" characters and wanted to speak for people who couldn't. In 2016, I hadn't planned on winning the national championship and was going to push the envelope a bit to try and see how far I could bend the rules to what "pole dance" should be. 


"Black Widow" - PSO Art

While one of my most simple routines, this by far was my most intimate and complex character. I took the embodiment of a black widow in a heavily remixed version of Hotel California.

"I Walk Alone" - PSO Championship


A light hearted routine based on a deep concept that many women in STEM have - walking alone.

Phantom of the Opera -Audition


Who knew I was funny?! This was the first national championship award I gained and it started to skyrocket my dance career and prepare me for 2016.

After spending about 3 months training in some of NYC's elite dance schools, I filmed an audition to apply to a variety of competitions with. This is one of my favourite collaborations with Tracee Kafer.

My first competition. While I didn't have anyone in the audience to record me, I have a training video from the day before competition. 

Come with me Now - Canadian Championships

Lithium - BC Championships


Let Me Fall - Audition Video


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