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Ghost Writing

Telling your story is my passion. Living as an introvert most of my life has trained me in how to retain the voice of the author (you). My passion is in retaining your voice, telling your story, and bringing that idea inside your head . . . on to paper.

My writing is fun to read! I love making "boring stuff" sound interesting . . . a skill I acquired when doing decades of technical writing. Whether you're working on a memoir, biography or other non-fiction piece, I am the writer you need! The ideas, words and vision will all be yours. I will just be the keys that type those ideas from the depths of your brain :)

What is ghost writing?

Basically, it's having someone else write a thing for you. Maybe that thing is a newsletter, blog post, memoir or other piece of text. You come with an idea, talk  with a ghost (me) and we talk and dissect your idea. A couple days later, you'll get a draft of what is in your head! You focus on doing stuff you LOVE doing. I focus on stuff I LOVE doing (writing).

How does it work?

Trust. Trust is the first thing that makes ghost writing work perfectly. I will protect your confidentiality, but I need to know where the line lies on what you want to talk about, and what you don't (similar to how you'd hire a lawyer to help defend you in a court of law.)

  1. Email me. We'll meet (likely via Zoom) and just have a chat and get to know each other. You need to feel comfortable with me :) If you do, we start talking about what you need and what kind of stuff we have to work on. Sometimes, this means a couple of meetings - that's fine. This is free for you :)

  2. We talk about the job/s at hand, timelines, and logistics. I want to make sure I can deliver for you and that I'm not double booked.

  3. We brainstorm out stuff. I will send you some word-association "games," and other Q&A that I'll need to get started. And we'll also talk about your actual project! 

  4. Then we exchange a contract and I start! I'll give you a project timeline when you can expect deliverables, and you sit back and wait for your email to ding. After that - it's basically done. Easy . . . right?! :)

How much does it cost?

So many people/services will charge you per word or per page. That's not necessarily the best incentive since the writer could just be really wordy and eat your money like a hungry hungry hippo. So if you don't pick me, please don't pick a service that charges you by word (barf).

People who charge you by-hour are also not great. Writers block is REAL. So if you're paying something while a ghost writer is "working" but blocked . . . you're paying for nothing. I do not want you paying me while I'm hunting for inspiration.

I charge by job and this is something we figure out when we chat. If there's a lot of research I need to do on a subject, the job may cost a bit more.  That doesn't answer your question though - so here's some ballpark numbers . . . again, these vary per job, frequency, research required, etc  (and discounts apply :) ). My goal is to make this as efficient for both of us!

  • Newsletters: £100-£500

  • Articles: £150-£1000

  • Book Proposals: £500-£5000

  • Manuscripts: £35,000-£60,000

Why should I hire rebekah mullen?

  1. I'm awesome!

  2. I will sign an NDA if you need one (we'll plop that in the contract).

  3. I'm a native English speaker and can fluently write in UK English, Canadian English, and US English. Having lived in all 3 of these countries, I am familiar with slang, spelling, and regional words.

  4. I've written literally since I was 4 years old. Everything from pen-pals, to magazine article entries when I was a kid, to winning writing competitions in High School, I got a 5 on AP English and 5 on AP Writing. I ghost write currently for many people (shhh I'm a ghost), as well as have written two books of my own (currently in publication).  

  5. If you have a dream of writing a book, but not quite sure what to do (or have the time to do it all) let's chat!

Payment will be via Paypal. Consultation sessions take place on Zoom. Contract will be delivered on agreement of services, explaining timeline, payment plan, etc.

Selected Sample Writing

What are people saying?

"You have a gift!. Thank you so much for your work on this. I'm keeping it exactly as you gave it to me! It's done and ready for the world!."

- Audrey Lawrence, TEDX Speaker, TV Producer, Author

"Really impressive article around Generation Millennials. Thanks for sharing!"

- Manuel Karg, CEO

"Rebekah sets the bar in terms of exposing the team's success. She has achieved this via newsletters, wiki pages, and company-wide posts."

- Eric Molitor, VP Engineering Improbable

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