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rebekah mullen girls who code women who code women in stem women in tech career consultant


living my best life as a woman in tech

who loves to dance

and express

and live!

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 19.26.34.png

performance art

i take selfie videos and tell the story i hear behind songs. thanks for taking the time to experience my art.


pole fitness

i competed in numerous competitions. music, makeup, hair, costume all produced/designed by me (sometimes sewn by others). enjoy some of my select winning routines.



i love the challenge of travelling light and capturing the shapes i see while inserting myself in the frame.

MHP-HeyHey-Page 11-12.jpg

model work

photographers take photos of me sometimes and i get copies.  it's always fun to not be the one taking the photos. enjoy and support their work. 

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